About Us

The Crew Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand founded by Care Monique as she tries to navigate adulthood, and lasting friendships. Being an adult can be lonely, and as a woman we often fall in and out of friendships, which can come with an array of emotions.
The Crew Cosmetics is the place where women from every crew, and women who are trying to find their crew can come and find their bestie, companion, homegirl, or even just their happy hour buddy. 
Our mission is to celebrate the unaltered identities & personalities of Black Women and Women of Color through product naming, curating, and our soon to come global community encouragement platform.
All of our products are cruelty free and are curated to remind you of that special bond you have with your crew. Products are named after some of our most favorite terms of endearment from our “Turn Up Friend” to our “Girls Night Out” palette, we have everything you need to complete your crew and your favorite makeup look!